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Truly simple payments for your business.

Shoket makes online payments more easier for all kind of business in Tanzania. From startups, small businesses to medium and large businesses.

Complete payment solutions

Whether you are a small or large business, Shoket offers everything you need to accept payments. It's simple, secure and affordable.

API For Your Business

Integrate our easy to use Shoket Payment API to help you accept payments for your internet business.

With your Shoket Account, you can instantly generate links to your product for your customers to pay seamlessly.

School Payment Number

With Shoket you can create a Payment Number for your students to pay school fees with an ease direct to you.

Donation Link.

Receive one-time donations for your charity or cause through donation links.

TSH 10000

Pay Securely

Payment API

Integrate our easy to use Payment API to help you accept payments for your internet business.

  • Collect one-time and recurring payments from your app or website

  • Retrieve all your transaction and customer data

  • Make instant transfers



Your customers can now pay for your product by visiting shoket.co/pay/link

Payment Pages & Links

With no coding required, you can accept payments from your product or service with our payment pages.

Put your products, services up for sale on the internet without writing code. Create a payment page from the dashboard and customize it to suit your needs.

  • Use it for one time payments

  • Set fixed or variable payment amounts

  • Create memorable links using custom URLs

  • Optional thank you message or redirect after payment

  • Send page link to get payed allover the world